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New Blog!!

As my journey in life continues to unfold, wonderful things are taking place. The focus of my blogging is changing so I will no longer be posting under ‘Wisdom in Kids’, but please follow me to my new home at living–proof.com.

Thank you for your support!!!


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Audience of One

These last few weeks since my last post have been amazing. The work that has been done in my heart and my mind is something only God can do.

The revelation and the importance of living for an audience of One has been life changing. I saw this and thought it was perfect for this blog…


I can’t help what others will think about me. Nor should it matter. What God knows and thinks about me is far more better then what any one else can offer me.

These last few weeks I’ve been encouraged and challenged (in a loving way) by those around me. To think if I kept it to my self, there would be no progress and no moving forward. If there’s progress, no moving forward there’s no victory. I thank God daily for those people.

I encourage you, don’t keep your struggles to your self. God wants to be your audience and He wants to encourage you and cheer you by using those around you. All things are possible – with an audience of ONE 🙂

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Mom, the rich life

Wisdom in Kids

Here’s a post from a while back – I thought it was worth sharing today as we celebrate Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s day!!

“Mom, I need more milk” “Mom, Can you help me?” “Mom, I don’t like this one!” “NO!  I don’t want to!” “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!” These are just a few words that a mom hears on a regular basis. Words that if she got a penny every time they were spoken, she’d be rich.

Recently I had a conversation with a mom about the everyday ‘guilt’ mothers experience.  You know what they are; ‘Did, I handle that right’ ‘I’ve failed, I’m bottle feeding’ ‘I want to go back to work’ ‘My, kid wouldn’t have this tantrum if I was a good mom.’ The list is endless.

Men don’t have this and nor do they understand this. They don’t have to. They were created differently. They were created to…

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The good, the bad and the ugly

The good, the bad, the ugly. God loves us all.

 Call it pride, fear, insecurity, whatever it was that was holding me back from being who God created me to be, was not only exposed but I believe Saturday night it began to shrink. From the start of our worship service to the alter call at the end, God was moving. It was one of those services that was made just for me. The funny thing is I devoted time to pray for the men of our church, to have open hearts to hear what God wanted our guest speaker (Ted DiBiase) to share at the Saturday morning’s men event. That evening, it was my heart that needed to be open.

 What will others think? Is my home clean? As clean as so and so’s home?…is my prayer and devotional life as good as I would like it?…if they knew my answer, what would they think?..Is every curl in place?? My list of failures – What would they think if they really knew?? Every job I’ve had in my field I enjoyed and it showed. I was given responsibilities and leadership that I didn’t chase after, it was just given.  Ministry was much the same – they just happened. What would my leaders think? If they really knew my failures, would they think this is a mistake? If they really saw my list of how many times I’ve failed God, the times I’ve disobeyed, the times when I thought my way best…Our ways are never best – Believe me! I could sugar coat it so it’s not too raw. What will others think??

 Pride…Pushes, Real, Issues, Down, Effortlessly.

Looking back at the last few weeks I can see how God had been softening my heart. Currently I’m reading a book by Beth Moore, In almost every chapter I’ve been challenged. The last chapter I read was about the way we see ourselves and how God sees us. She gives a list of how people label themselves. The one that struck a cord with me was failure. In His kind and gentle way God showed me the things I’ve held on to that make me keep that label. A label that I put there, no one else. I didn’t share it with any one because I thought I could deal with it on my own. Those thoughts and way of life is not from God.

 There I was Saturday night listening to this message and it spoke loud and clear to my spirit. I knew something had to change. When the call came to go up to the front for one of three different things, my hand didn’t go up. My heart pounded the very same way it did almost 12 years ago when I accepted Christ. But I refused. What will others think?? As the speaker continued to speak, I knew I had to go up. He kept sharing stories of others who deliberately chose to live life their way instead of doing what was right. In that moment The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart.  What’s more important, what others think or what I think? I slowly made my way up.

 In that single act of obedience I knew something was about to change. Maybe it was my thinking, my relationship with others, or my habits. Most of all I knew standing there my relationship with my Saviour, my Redeemer was about to change. Sitting here writing this, I feel lighter, a weight has been lifted (not a physical weigh, a spiritual one) In His kindness he’s shown me areas in my life that need to change, things I need to let go and get rid of.  I need to take action to gain more freedom in the thinking of ‘what will they think’

 The good, the bad and the ugly. God loves us all. For that I’m thankful!

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Every. Single. Day

When you love someone, you want to be with them all the time. You smile looking at them. Sometimes you hang on they’re every word. Just the thought of them gives you butterflies.

A woman’s goal is to find someone who will treat her like a queen, give her security and love her no matter what. A man searches for someone he could care for, protect, someone who can love him no matter what.

Some say love is temporary, others say love fades, but real love is unconditional.

How do I know this? Because I experience it – Every. Single. Day.

You may think I’m talking about the love of my husband. The love of my children. Or the love of my mother. No, the love I’m talking about goes much deeper.

It’s a love that when I’m angry calms me down, when I’m upset it lifts me up and when I’m happy it shares my joy. It’s the kind of love that throws my mistakes into a sea of forgetfulness. A love that doesn’t compare me to others. It’s a love that shows me right from wrong and gently guides my way.

Who loves like that? Jesus. He’s the one who helps a woman accomplish her goal to find someone who will treat her like a queen, give her security, and love her no matter what. He shows and teaches a man how to search for someone he could care for, protect, someone who can love him no matter what. He’s real. His love is real.

His love for us is so strong, so real, and so deep that he died for it. He died so he can be with you all the time – here and in eternity. He smiles as he looks at you. As you talk to him, He listens. His love is real. I experience it – Every. Single. Day.

Just the thought of Him gives me butterflies.

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It could be so many things

I wish I could take credit for this myself however I can’t. The teacher at our local family literacy center had this idea, and my kids loved it!

Recently I went to our local dollar store, and purchased the colourful gardening kneeling mat. Using pipe cleaners that we already had. Here is our creation!

The kids says it’s:
It’s a cake. It’s worms coming out after the rain. A cat toy. It’s a super shield.






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My love for plates continues

My love for plates continues. It’s spring. Depending on where you are in the world, it may or may not look like it.

This week we made spring wreaths. A while ago I went to a local wallpaper store and asked for samples. They were very generous.

This week, I used the perfect roll!


I cut out the flowers and leaves and put them on a plate.


I had planned the kids would would glue the flowers (using white school glue) directly on the foam plates. Lesson learned. Foam plates and wallpaper don’t get along. Solution: I let the children choose a colour of construction, I cut it and they glue the flowers to the paper then the paper to the plate. Voila!!! Welcome Spring!